With over 55 years of experience, Villacero is a leading company in Mexico that stands out in the steel sector on a global scale, present in more than 34 countries through the marketing, distribution, transformation and logistics of steel products. We also have a specialized financial division - Afirme Grupo Financiero - which provides comprehensive solutions in Banking, Insurance, Investment funds, Factoring, Warehousing, Leasing and Retirement Savings Funds (AFORE).


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There are unauthorized web sites offering promotions in our name that are fraudulent.
Because of that, Villacero (Lamina y Placa Comercial S.A de C.V ) demarcate of any offer published in a web page other than this. If you have any questions about any promotion, product or service, please refer to the contact section in this site, or call +52 81 8989.8989 for further information.